Defining the “ogleable look good naked” look

I came across a funny article today that wondered what would it look like if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?

Which means… presented as a bunch of torso and ass photos of people who look good naked.

The article presented a bunch of examples of men’s photos cropped the way the beach volleyball women’s photos are cropped.

The Olympic Athlete Look
Note that this swimmer looks “athletic” — he’s got muscle and he’s lean because that’s what his sport requires, but he’s not “ripped” and he isn’t all “veiny” and he isn’t showing “cut abs”. However, there’s plenty of evidence in this near-naked photo that this is a physique that’s desirable for having a lot of sex.

The photos in the article demonstrate the “ogleable look” — these guys look good naked. They are in their prime for people wanting to have sex with them and there’s plenty of evidence that is what happens — for instance, see the recent Sex in the Olympic Village and What Goes On Behind Closed Doors articles. Everyone in the Olympic Village has a body that’s been honed to perfection for the physical demands of their sport — and that physical excellence is sexy.

The Olympic athletes get their looks as a result of their training for their sport, but as non-athletes we have a lot more options training-wise. All we are going for is “the look” that our bodies are capable of strenuous physical tasks like fighting, hunting, and reproduction (or just lots of safe-sex with 150,000 condoms).

One of the things I like about the Adonis Index site is that they’ve come up with a way to mathematically quantify what makes a human body “ogleable” so that a stud or babe can train efficiently to get the sexiest look possible for their body. And that sexy ogleable look means looking good naked.

The Adonis folks have helped me a lot by the way they keep pointing out that a lot of what makes someone look good is illusion — getting the body into a natural proportion that causes a “that is desirable” response in other people. This current article of theirs notes that a lot of the gymnasts with impressive physiques are actually rather short (averaging 5′ 5″ tall) and very light weight (averaging 120 to 140 pounds). Since I’m just under 5′ 4″ tall and still weighing 152 pounds, it shows how far I still have to go (by getting leaner) to get to that look. The men gymnasts don’t look big and muscular because they are huge and heavy, they look big and muscular because of their proportions.

Studs check out The Illusion of Size – Men’s Gymnastics article.

The same holds true for babes. The Adonis folks have also put a lot of thought into what makes a striking feminine physique, and babes can look here for their information about the Venus Index and how to sculpt your body to maximize your ogleability.

Federica Pellegrini is an Olympic Gold winning athlete. She is extremely physically capable and has 3 world records and pile of gold medals to prove it. Just like with guys, it’s not about having the biggest muscles or sharply defined abs — it’s about looking ready for physical action (which again comes down to  fighting, hunting, and reproduction).

The Daily Mail had an article about sexual abstinence before a major sporting event.

“Abstinence! Are you mad?” — Federica Pellegrini

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I’ll round out this Friday with a little science trivia:

In this article I’ve specifically put a body part picture of a man and a full-body picture of a woman, however, typically this isn’t how people are depicted. Here’s why:

Because your brain perceives an object as being either a coherent entity or a collection of parts, you rely on two different cognitive processes — global and local scanning. And it appears that which of those processes you use depends on whether you’re gazing upon a woman or a man. When you look at a woman, you see her as consisting of various body parts, but if it’s a man, you tend to see him as a single whole.

Gervais says this shows that men and women use their “local” cognitive processes to identify men, and their “global” ones for females. As startling as it may sound, the study indicates that both men and women use the same method of visual processing to identify females as they do to other objects, such as cars and houses.

She theorizes that men may scan women in this way to assess potential mates, while women do it to compare themselves to other women.

Why both men and women’s eyes are drawn to women’s bodies

This is also why women are on the cover of both men’s and women’s magazines.

Women are interesting to everybody.

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