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Alrighty then.

Hello! Welcome to ogleable fitness where the topic is getting fit to look good naked!

Naked? What do you mean?

I’m sure I’ll develop a better explanation of this but basically the idea is to use the tools that bodybuilders, weightlifters, and powerlifters use for the purpose of improving the way we look on a practical day-to-day basis.

That is: manipulating our diet and using weight training to change the way our bodies look.

Using the tools used by bodybuilders, weightlifters, and powerlifters to get leaner and more muscular, but

  1. Not to the extent that bodybuilders and fitness competitors do since that is way beyond what is necessary to stand out in a crowd as being fit (especially as the population at large gets into worse and worse shape).
  2. Not to look good for a single contest day or a single photo shoot — but rather to look good on a maintainable day-to-day basis.

Basically aiming to be as efficient as possible at looking as good as possible with the least amount of effort so that it can be maintained for life. Bodybuilders, weightlifters, and powerlifters are all working to the extremes to prepare for their various forms of competition days — whereas this is about preparing for everyday life and being among the best looking people in the bar / restaurant / mall / workplace / etc. So it is easier in the sense that one doesn’t have to reach for some extreme limit of leanness or strength but it is harder in the sense that there is no “day after” the competition or photoshoot where you can slack off.

Many thanks are in order here for people who’ve in one way or another encouraged me (or pushed me) to get this going. I will probably have to come back to this post many times to add people as I remember them, so please consider this a work in progress and don’t be all offended if I forgot you. I’m rushing to get this posted before August 1, 2012 is finished.

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